Sara's Way to Fucking Hot!
Oh Fuck Did I say Wet T-Shirt Contest? I Meant to say it's totally "Skin to Win" in Key West!

Key West Exposed is an Understatement as these Contests Turn into Naked Girls Going Down on Each Other!
Sometimes More Especially when I
"Get the Girls Wet"
I Just Love to Get Her Wet!
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Key West Exposed!
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What Makes Good Girls Get Wet & Naked? Well I Will Tell You... A lot of Alcohol and 100's of Screaming Fans!
We Show You
wt-free01.jpg (24878 bytes) wt-free02.jpg (24327 bytes)
wt-free03.jpg (33395 bytes) wt-free04.jpg (27364 bytes)
Huge Tits! Tanned Tits!
We Show You
wt-free05.jpg (31523 bytes) wt-free06.jpg (31165 bytes)
wt-free07.jpg (24560 bytes) wt-free10.jpg (29714 bytes)
Wet Tits! Firm Tits!
In Key West Even Shy Girls Get Exposed!
wt-shy01.jpg (24127 bytes) wt-shy02.jpg (30935 bytes) wt-shy03.jpg (37595 bytes) wt-shy04.jpg (32130 bytes)
I'm Just to Shy... Ok Here's My Tits!! Now What!!! You Want BUSH!
  Then There's Me Again  "Miss Nude Key West"
...& I do More than Get Naked in Wet T-Shirt Contests...
  wt-reb01.jpg (37909 bytes)   wt-reb02.jpg (23497 bytes)  
wt-reb04.jpg (32948 bytes)
I Stop at Nothing to Win!
...I love to Have SEX in Public...
The Bigger the Crowd the Hotter the Action Just take a Look!

I got Finger Fucked, We Broke Out a Dildo, We Had A Guy from the Audience Fuck Us with the Dildo, and Last But Not Least the MC for the Contest got a Quick Blow Job!

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Tight Young Pussy! Close-Up Pussy!
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